Ever found yourself in Texas, or maybe a place that felt so still and unassuming? That was where my fascination with photography started.

Picture this: a warm evening in a small North Texas town, where time moved slower and the sky painted itself in shades of orange and pink. I was 12 years old. My dad handed me a small Canon point-and-shoot digital camera. Nothing fancy, just a tool that would change my life.

My first snap? Well, it wasn’t a grand spectacle. It was a humble shot of the sun seeping through a barbed wire fence. A simple moment encapsulating the beauty of my hometown. Back then, I didn’t quite grasp its significance, but now, that moment feels like the catalyst of my career.

See, my mom was our family’s historian, capturing every detail in photos and scrapbooks. Her love for freezing moments in time sparked something in me. As I grew, photography became my muse, an art I learned from my mom and eventually fell head over heels for.

But, can you imagine if I hadn’t picked up that camera that evening? It’s a thought that often crosses my mind. Would I be here today, framing love stories through my lens?

That first click unraveled a world of creativity and storytelling for me. It tied me to the art of visual storytelling, a connection that I hold dear. Looking back, I wonder how different life would be without that tiny red camera.

And here’s the kicker: that same field where I took my first photo? It transformed into a wedding venue years later. Call it fate or a dash of divine humor, but it’s a beautiful twist to the story.

The journey continued through high school, practicing and mastering photography until I delved into wedding photography at 16. Those experiences laid the groundwork for an unexpected turn. In college, amid studying Business Entrepreneurship, I met the love of my life. Our story blossomed, growing into a family of four.

Life’s a marvel, isn’t it? A simple click of a Texas sunset led me to this path of purpose and passion. So, if you’ve ever wondered how I got here, it all began with a camera, a dream, and the Texan sky. And you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing.